Natalie creates magic and inspires wonder…

“Natalie creates magic and inspires wonder in the kitchen through simple, deeply nourishing and fresh foods that our guests swoon over at our retreats. She puts her heart and soul into her food and intentionally creates meals that spark curiosity and conversation. Inevitably, on every retreat, we all end up in the kitchen, around her gorgeous dishes, stealing extra bites long after the meal is done. Natalie’s ingenuity and generosity in her cooking creates a sense of family around the table and it keeps us coming back for more, again and again”

Her food is so healthy, delicious and fulfilling…

We’ve been working with Natalie and her team at Path and Provisions for a few years now. The biggest reason we keep asking her to partner with us numerous times a year is because her food is so healthy, delicious and fulfilling. In the past when we’ve had team offsites we ate out at restaurants or got standard catering provided. People would go home bloated, unsatisfied and regretting the week of bad food decisions. Since we’ve started working with Natalie our team can’t wait for each unique meal that leaves them feeling satisfied and full of energy. We’ve truly enjoyed every experience we’ve had with Natalie and she is a dream to work with. We can’t wait for the next time we work with her.

Alie Keegan, Marketing Operations Manager

We all love having Natalie in the kitchen and on retreat with us!

“Having lead a number of retreats, I’ve gone through my fair share of retreat chefs – never finding the right fit. That was until someone recommended Natalie! Not only did everyone love every meal, including her homemade breads and chocolate chip cookies, having Natalie herself there made the retreat that much better. Her carefree, go with the flow, problem-solving, positive attitude was unbelievably refreshing. Plus she takes care of everything in the kitchen, making my job as a retreat leader that much smoother. (She even went and picked up a last-minute birthday cake to surprise one of my students.) In fact, having Natalie there truly set my heart at ease, allowing me to do what I do best on retreats. So much so that going forward I will pick my retreat dates around her availability. We all love having Natalie in the kitchen and on retreat with us! “


Meagan McCrary

Our guests came away from the weekend feeling so vibrant, nourished and inspired…

Natalie was our chef for our “Omazing Ojai” New Years yoga retreat. I am not sure what was better the food or the yoga. The conversation over dinner sounded a lot like, “mmmm”, “omigod this is insanely delicious”, “I have to make this at home”.  Natalie lovingly ‘tricks’ people into eating healthy and whole meals with her expertise and raw talent in the kitchen. Her food is like a healthy high for the senses and pure love for the body. Natalie creates from a place of personal and professional knowledge of food and chefery and is excited to share her wealth with her diners. Our guests came away from the weekend feeling so vibrant, nourished and inspired to eat healthy and real food everyday!

Laura Conley

Her food is delicious, her personality amazing…

I have hired Natalie on my last three retreats, and I would have her come to every single one if I could! Her food is delicious, her personality is amazing, she is someone you not only want to have in your kitchen but in your life!  Natalie wil educate you about the foods that you eat and how to make healthy, delicious choices. She is not just a private chef but and equal team player in offering a whole body holistic yoga and health and food retreat.

Jocelyn Solomon

… the attendees are still talking about the meals!

Little did I know that when I planned my retreat in Ojai for last February that one of its main attractions would be the food served on it. After hearing about the talents and passion of Natalie Wilt’s cuisine, I knew immediately that she needed to be the chef for this retreat experience. Her philosophy of not only farm to table, but to only purchase food from kind and generous people made me fall in love with her immediately. Even now, months after the retreat has come to a close, the attendees are still talking about the meals! In Natalie I have a new friend, fellow yogi, and inspiration for cleaner diet in my own home.

Jen Smith